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Something In The Water 2023: Pull Up and Pitch Event


In an exhilarating display of entrepreneurial talent, Crystal Lugo emerged victorious at the Something in the Water Pull Up & Pitch contest, earning the grand prize of $25,000. The contest, featured in The Virginian Pilot and WAVY TV 10, showcased Lugo's patented product, the GloveScaler, which revolutionizes the removal of fish scales while safeguarding against fish handler's disease. This triumphant moment marks a major milestone for Lugo and her business, B & C Gloves, as she prepares to propel her innovative product to new heights.

The passion and commitment invested in the GloveScaler were evident as Lugo stood before the Pull Up & Pitch judges, Rahsha Batiste, Nicole Dortch, and Erica Parham, who awarded her a perfect score.

The Pull Up & Pitch contest was organized in collaboration with Black Girl Ventures, Black Ambition, and Walmart, as reported by WAVY TV 10. This powerful alliance aimed to support Black and brown business owners, providing them with a platform to showcase their brands and secure valuable financial resources. Entrepreneurs had a 60-second window to pitch their ideas, with each thumbs-up from the judges translating into monetary rewards. One thumbs-up equated to $200, two thumbs-up earned $250, and the highly sought-after three thumbs-up resulted in $500.

Crystal Lugo's exceptional pitch, combined with the undeniable potential of the GloveScaler, propelled her to the final round of the Pull Up & Pitch contest. This remarkable achievement granted her the opportunity to compete for the coveted first-place prize, valued at a minimum of $20,000. With her unwavering dedication and groundbreaking product, Lugo secured the grand prize of $25,000, providing her with the means to invest in her business and take it to new heights.

With the substantial financial boost from the Pull Up & Pitch contest, Crystal Lugo is poised to realize her entrepreneurial dreams. The $25,000 grant will enable her to engage with manufacturers, present samples to retailers, and expand the reach of her innovative product. The recognition garnered from winning this prestigious contest will undoubtedly open doors and facilitate strategic partnerships, propelling B & C Gloves into a promising future.


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