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The Bra Folding Myth: Why Laying Flat is Better for Your Bras

Ladies, we all know that bras are an essential part of our daily wardrobe. They provide support, comfort, and confidence to help us tackle our day-to-day activities. But when it comes to storing our bras, there seems to be a bit of confusion. Some of us fold them, while others lay them flat. So, what's the best way to store your bras? Let's debunk the myth about folding bras and why laying them flat is better.

Folding bras instead of laying them flat can potentially lead to misshaping, especially for padded or molded cup bras. The cups may lose their original shape, and the underwire can become bent or distorted. Folding can also cause the bras to develop creases, which may be difficult to remove and can affect the overall appearance when worn.

If you do need to fold your bras for travel or storage purposes, try to fold them gently and avoid placing excessive pressure on the cups or underwires. This method helps prevent the bra from becoming misshapen and ensures that it stays in great condition for longer.

Furthermore, folding bras tightly can cause the fabrics and elastics to stretch out or become damaged over time. This can impact the bra's fit, support, and longevity. A stretched-out bra won't offer the necessary support, and you may need to replace it sooner than you would like.

To maintain the shape and structure of your bras, it's generally recommended to lay them flat in a drawer or use specialized bra storage solutions that allow them to retain their shape. This method helps ensure that the cups and underwire maintain their shape and that the bra stays in great condition for longer. It also makes it easier to find the bra you need quickly.

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