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Ask a Bra Fitter: Pilates or Yoga

New Year, New You! Means new goals, vision boards, activities, travel and so much more. Why not add a bra fitting appointment to your New Year's self-care resolution list today.

For 2023, my goal is to be happy and healthy, so I chose a low impact exercise like Pilates. I noticed a decline in my posture and fitness while working from home and decided to attend a classes. I was impressed with how I increased my core and improved overall flexibility. No more back, shoulder and lower leg pain. 

Not only does Pilates improve your core, posture, and flexibility, but it can ease lower back pain. Many of our clients experience lower back pain and posture issues that can simple be alleviated* with the right workout regimen and a good bra. That's why we are so excited about our Le Mystère Smooth Shape Unlined Bra and its brilliant stitch free technology that is unmatched! Perfect to wear while working from home, traveling, juggling the kid's schedule, or attending a yoga or pilates session (like me). But here's a bonus, it's WIRELESS and made with Sense-Elast technology (higher quality construction) to feel as huggable and smooth as your skin. The soft matte microfiber gives a natural lifted look without the bulkiness. Experience this bra today, click here.

Select your size (Small to 2XL) based on band and cup size for proper fit:

*Always consult a physician or licensed medical professional.

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