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Embracing Motherhood with Cake Maternity: A Guide to Maternity and Nursing Bras

Being a mom can be one of the most significant moments of your life. Amidst all the excitement and new things to learn, one of the most crucial aspects that nursing mamas should consider is the comfort and support of their nursing bras. Cake Maternity's Popping Candy Bralette is the answer to the call for comfort and support for fuller busted nursing mamas.

  • Unmatched Wire-Free Support: For the ultimate in wire-free support, there's nothing quite like Cake Maternity's Popping Candy Bralette. Its specially engineered inner slings mimic the underwire function while keeping nursing mamas comfortable without the discomfort. With knitted wire-free support that feels like a second skin, this bralette offers unbeatable comfort, softness, and support, with knitted ribbed panels that provide the same shape and support as a wire bra, without the wire.
  • Preventing Mono-Boob and Providing a Your-Boobs-But-Better Feeling: The wire-free support, heat-molded cups, and inner slings work harmoniously to prevent mono-boob. The double-layered bralette enhances strength and support and provides that "your-boobs-but-better" feeling. It is designed to morph to your body shape, ensuring your comfort all day long.
  • Easy-Feed Drop-Down Cups and Single-Handed Clasp Nursing Clips: The Popping Candy Bralette is designed with nursing moms in mind to make breastfeeding a dream come true. The dropdown molded cups, coupled with the easy-clasp nursing clips, make breastfeeding straightforward and enjoyable. The nursing clips can be handled single-handedly, reducing the awkwardness of feeding time.
  • Innovative Patent-Pending Inner Slings: Each bralette comes with two (patent-pending) inner slings that offer incredible lift, shaping, and support. One of them acts as a platform to lift from below, while the other is there to prevent your breasts from going east to west. You get the optimal lift you need, with your breasts pointing north only.
  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric to Combat Boob Sweat: The Popping Candy Bralette is made from moisture-wicking fabric that keeps you dry, confident, and worry-free. It feels silky-soft, seamless, and offers wire-free support.
  • Adjustable Straps, 6 Hook & Eye Options, and Zero Itchy Garment Tags: The bralette comes with comfortable, wide adjustable straps that offer shoulder support, with intricate metallic detailing. It also features 6 hook & eye options to fit your ever-changing body, while the zero itchy garment tags provide an extra level of comfort.
  • Materials and Fit: The bralette is made from 90% Nylon, 6% Elastane for Mocha and Cocoa, and 94% Nylon, 6% Elastane for all other colors. It covers 35 cup & band sizes, fitting F — H cup (AUS, NZ and UK) and G — K cup (US, CA and EU), with easy sizing available in S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL - See size chart.

Cake Maternity's Popping Candy Bralette is designed for nursing mamas who want all-day comfort and optimal support. Its innovative features such as the wire-free support, patent-pending inner slings, easy-feed drop-down cups, and moisture-wicking fabric, make it an excellent choice for new moms who strive for comfort and style. With its adjustable straps, 6 hook & eye options, and zero itchy garment tags, it is also perfect for ever-changing bodies. Trust this bralette to provide you with the ultimate comfort and support you deserve, so you can focus on cherishing your motherhood journey.

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