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The Bra Guide

Are you tired of feeling uncomfortable and unsupported in your bras? Do you want to boost your confidence and elevate your style? Look no further than our simple bra guide, where we unlock the secrets to finding your perfect fit and uncover the keys to comfort and confidence.

Whether you're a seasoned bra connoisseur or just starting your lingerie journey, this guide is here to provide you with expert tips, insights, and recommendations to help you navigate the world of bras with ease. So, let's dive in!

First things first, BOOK A BRA FITTING with us! Just imagine going to the OBGYN and navigating a pap smear by yourself. You wouldn’t navigate that process alone, don’t navigate bra shopping solo. The world of intimate apparel always requires a guide, and understanding your body and receiving accurate measurements from a trained professional is key when it comes to finding the right bra. 

  • How do I know which bra is right for me? That’s a good question. We tested our bra styles on 3,000 women. Holy smokes Batman! That’s right, 3,000 women were fitted and examined. The bra styles we selected are based on what flatters various breast shapes. Hence, why many styles may not include all band sizes. We only carry select band and cup sizes that achieve maximum fit and support, across the board.
  • Why do I need a bra fitter? Ladies, let's face it – finding the right bra can be a real struggle. That's why a bra fitter is your new best friend! They're like your own personal bra guru, helping you find the right size, style, and fit for your unique body type. Plus, they'll give you tips and tricks to keep your bras looking and feeling great for longer. Our job is to transform your life and answer all of your questions.

Our lingerie collections are carefully curated to ensure the perfect fit, craftsmanship, fabrication, and comfort. We prioritize our customers' needs and don't compromise their bust for profit. You can trust that our collection will provide the support and coverage you need without sacrificing style or comfort. Here’s how to shop our site:

  • I just had a baby and my breasts are busty and top heavy, what do you have for me? Hey momma we got you covered! Shop our Maternity Bras for G-K.  
  • Do you sell lingerie for plus size women? Yes, browse our Curvy collection here.

But what about all the different bra styles out there? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Explore the vast world of bra styles and discover the versatility each one offers. From everyday essentials like T-shirt bras and wireless bras to the allure of plunge bras and balconette bras, we'll explain the features, benefits, and ideal occasions for each style. Whether you seek seamless support or a touch of seduction, we have you covered.

  • T-Shirt Bras: A t-shirt bra is your new best friend! It's a seamless and smooth bra that's designed to be invisible under your favorite t-shirt or silky blouse. Say goodbye to pesky bra lines and hello to a sleek silhouette with a t-shirt bra. Trust us, your wardrobe (and your bust) will thank you!
  • Underwire Bras: Ladies, meet your new secret weapon: the underwire bra! It's a bra that uses a hidden wire to provide extra support and lift for your bust. Say goodbye to sagging and hello to a lifted and perky silhouette. Whether it's a Balconette, Demi, Unlined, Full Cup, Plunge or Convertible, don't let gravity win – try an underwire bra today! 
  • Bralettes and Wireless Bras: Bralette vs. wireless bra – the ultimate showdown! Bralettes are like a comfy hug for your bust, with no wires or padding. They're perfect for lounging or layering. Wireless bras, on the other hand, provide more support and lift for your bust without the pesky wires. They're great for everyday wear or for those who want a little extra lift. It's like choosing between your favorite cozy sweater or your trusty blazer – both have their benefits, it just depends on your mood (and your outfit)!
  • Strapless Bras: Our cartwheel tested strapless bras are here! They are designed to stay put without any pesky straps getting in the way. Perfect for those off-the-shoulder tops and dresses, a strapless bra will give you the support and lift you need while keeping you looking sleek and stylish. No more worrying about bra straps showing – it's time to show off those shoulders with confidence!

Of course, fabrics and features play a significant role in bra comfort and performance. That's why we'll delve into the various fabric options available, from breathable cotton and smooth microfiber to luxurious lace and innovative moisture-wicking materials. Additionally, we'll explore the importance of adjustable straps, hook-and-eye closures, and underwire construction for a personalized and supportive fit.

  • How to wear a bra? Did you know most women don’t wear their bras correctly? That’s right! After purchasing a bra, we suggest washing the bra first to loosen the fabric and wash away excess color and debris/dust from the manufacture. Once dry, adjust the straps to a desired length but don’t exceed two-finger tension. Next, start on the furthest hook-and-eyes, which are the loosest, and lastly don’t forget the scoop and swoop method for a sure-fire fit of the underwire.
  • What is a Spacer bra and why do you need it? Ladies, have you ever wished for a bra that's both lightweight and supportive? Say hello to your new best friend – the spacer bra! It's a bra that uses innovative technology to create a breathable and lightweight cup that still provides the support and lift you need but with maximum airflow to the bust. Perfect for everyday wear or for those hot summer days, a spacer bra will keep you feeling cool and comfortable without sacrificing style or support. It's like having your cake and eating it too – but for your bust!

But what if you have specific needs, such as maternity or nursing bras, sports bras, or post-surgery bras? Don't worry, we've got tips for you too. We'll guide you through the unique aspects of these specialized bras, including the importance of extra support, convenient features, and adaptive designs that accommodate your changing body.

  • Sports Bras: Ladies, if you're blessed with a fuller bust, you know how important it is to have the right support during a workout. That's where a sports bra comes in! Specifically designed for busty and fuller bust sizes, a sports bra will keep you supported and comfortable no matter how intense your workout is. Say goodbye to bouncing and hello to a confident and secure bust – all thanks to your trusty sports bra. It's time to crush those workouts in style!
  • Maternity/Nursing Bras: Ladies, when it comes to pregnancy and nursing, your bust goes through a lot of changes. That's why a maternity/nursing bra is your new best friend! Specifically designed for busty and fuller bust sizes, this bra will provide the support and comfort you need during this special time. With easy-to-use clasps and soft, stretchy fabric, you'll be able to nurse your little one with ease and confidence. 

To prolong the life of your bras and ensure they continue to provide optimal support, it's essential to understand proper care and maintenance. We'll provide practical tips for washing, drying, and storing your bras to keep them looking and feeling their best. Additionally, we'll discuss the benefits of investing in lingerie accessories like bra wash bags and gentle detergents.

  • How often should I rotate my bras between wear? We suggest rotating your bras every 2 to 3 days, however the longer the better. 
  • How often should I replace my bras? If you wear the bra everyday, expect to replace it every 60-90 days*. If you wear the bra once a week, expect to replace it every 6 months*. However, these are suggestions and do not take into account how the bras are worn or bodily changes.
  • How should I care for my bras? We strongly recommend hand washing with our no rinse laundry detergent Soak. If you machine wash, use a mesh bag and only wash with other intimates, as other clothes can become heavier when wet causing more long-term damage.
  • How should I store my bras? Never fold or bend your bras, and always lay flat in a drawer or hang up (if you're feeling fancy).
  • I have a ton of old bras I need to get rid of, what do I do? Donate them to us and receive a 15% off voucher towards your next purchase. Our mailing address is Petit à Petit Lingerie, Attn: Donation Department, 208 E. Main Street, Store 5, Norfolk,VA 23510.

With this simple bra guide at your fingertips, you now have the knowledge and confidence to embark on your bra shopping journey. Remember, finding the perfect bra is a personal and empowering experience, and it's worth taking the time to prioritize your self and well-being. Explore different styles, experiment with fabrics and features, and embrace the transformative power of a bra that fits you like a glove. Here's to discovering the comfort, support, and confidence you deserve!

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